Natures Diary

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While Dormice and Hedgehogs hibernate Badger activity is starting to reduce. Grey Seals start to give birth to fluffy white pups which stay on land for approximately 2 months.


Flocks of Tits and Finches including Bramblings and Chaffinches are in abundance. Starling flocks mass together and give fantastic dusk displays at roost sites. Rooks and Crows can be seen foraqging on recently ploughed fields. Whooper Swans return to wetland areas from the Artic, and Pied Wagtails group together to roost. Waxwings start to arrive in the country.


Old mans beard is continuing to show its presence as the leaves in the hedgerows dissappear. Black bryony decorates hedgerows with its necklaces of poisonous red berries.


Insect activity is greatly reduced and several species of butterfly, moth and ladybird will be looking for outbuildings etc to spend the winter.